I moved 5 times in my life. I changed cities and countries. Every time I started my life from scratch. I got to know new places and new people. In some of them, it was easier. In others worse. Sometimes it was more difficult to acclimate in Poland, in a new city, where the community is horribly closed to others/new/strangers than abroad. Sometimes the native may be stranger and the stranger more native... I recently met a few wonderful foreigners who decided to start their life in Szczecinek and surroundings. And they exactly inspired me to create this project. "Native stranger" is a picture of foreigners who decided to settle in West Pomerania. An image of their everyday life, work, favorite places, issues, and successes. The photos were taken with an analog technique.

The project is financed under the "Social worker" program of the Marshal of the West Pomerania.

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