Times are changing before our very eyes in rapid and unforeseeable pace. It is hard to pretend that nothing is happening, that the policy does not affect our lives. From the amount of idiotic events, pseudo discussion or rather screams, not supported by any logical arguments, political stupidity, saggested to people, can spin in your head. After another farce, founded by populist politicians on TV, I though: - Even Stanczyk would go mad! And so the new idea for the photo shooting was born. Stańczyk (c. 1480–1560) was the most famous court jester in Polish history. He was employed by three Polish kings: Alexander, Sigismund the Old and Sigismund Augustus. He became a popular historical figure in Polish literature after the partitions (1795). Some writers treated him as a symbol of Poland's struggle for independence. Inspiration: the painting "Stańczyk" by Jan Matejko

model: Dawid Hemke mua: Violetta Mietlick

#polaroid #instantfilm #model #dawid #stańczyk #kolor #czarnobiałe #portret #studio

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