Cover shooting for "Negliż" magazine

I don’t know where to start ;) I’m still absolutely touched by the offer I once recieved from Bernard Piechal. Bernard is an analog photographer, doctor of physics and an interesting interlocutor, but this time he decided to create a new magazine with analog fine art nude photography. It was an extremely ambitious and wonderful idea! Bernard invited me to do a cover session. I asked him three times if he was sure about that :D

We met in Summer 2016. Bernard came to me with a fantastic model - Vero, and Aika, who was filming the making of video. I planned few great locations for this photo shooting: lakes, beaches, a river and a forest. Unfortunately, it was an extraordinary beautiful and hot day, so there were hundreds of sunbathers everywhere on my planned locations :D Fortunately, I'm used to plan Bs. As agreed I only took the photos on instant film. I used two cameras: the sinar 4x5‘ and the polaroid land camera, wich is more handy and useful to take more complicated frames.

When Vero stood in front of the lens, I stopped stressing that I was just doing a session for the magazine. I usually take photos very emotional. I don’t focus too much on details or technical 'correctness'. I don’t like to speak too much about my photos. It’s always very hard to describe and to analize them…

Let the photos speak for themselves! ;)

You can still buy the magazine special edition with my photos on this website:

And by the way, I am also the author of the magazine‘s title witch means „neglige“ ;)

model: Vero

mua: Dorota Słowińska

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