Earth continuation (shooting on Fuerteventura)

Each year I need to reset, to "charge my battery" ;) Winters in Poland always leave me wishing for more light and warmth. I usually travel with my family but this year I organized a tiny photographer meeting on Fuerteventura. Actually, there was only one other photographer with me, but ​an ​absolutely special one ;)​ -​ Monika Cichoszewska, a great wet plate photographer. I like Monika, because she really is just a normal and honest person.

​There is no envy, anger or arrogance in Monika. ​

Although she has achieved much, she doesn't play the star​.​ And the rat race is the last thing I need.

I took with me not only my favorite large format camera but also a medium format one. It was sometimes pretty much impossible to take pictures with the large format camera. Obviously it is a totally different quality but, to be honest, I don't like to be typecasted. So, it's a mix of formats, styles and mood, but it never was my ambition to have A STYLE :)

By the way it was a funny story with my large format camera on the airport in Puerto del Rosario. The security guard spoke to me:

- Please take all electronic devices from your suitcase.

- I have no electronic devices except this smartphone.

- And what is inside this suitcase?!

- These are my analog cameras :)

- Please open it! - after a while - Wow! What is this camera? How old? And you have taken photos with IT?

Three security guards admired my Graflex and the crowd of travelers behind me was bigger and bigger :D

After publishing one of these photos from Fuerteventura, I recieved a poem written by Adam Krajniak :)

Once upon a time

in timeless place

two fallen angels

were listening

voices from the stones

lost in the sheltering sky

waiting for the dome of night

model: Alicja & Martyna


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