I felt in love with polaroids, when I saw the photos from Marc Lagrange for the very first time. Actually, I didn't know then, what it were polaroids. But the general look and tones of those pictures delited me totally. I began to look after the information about the used film. So, I found out, these were polaroids. Unfortunatelly, this precisely polaroid chocolate wasn't produced any more. That is why I began to shoot with FujiFilm Fp-100C. In my mind I dreamed about to shoot at least once a polaroid chocolate though. Last year I had a chance to buy 5 boxes of Polaroid Chocolate. According to assurances of the seller, all polaroids worked. I tried them exited as never before and... first box was dried. Also the second and the third one :( I was so desapointed! I tried the last two boxes on a photographer meeting Cyfrowa Klisza, doubting that they will work. Suprise! :)

model: Klaudia Czapla designer: Wioletta Podsiadlik

model: Thuy Duong

model: Lacrima_Mosa

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