"Handmade" contact prints

I have always dreamed of taking pictures on my own from the beginning to the end. From pressing the shutter button to the finished print. Unfortunately, the availability of enlargers for 4x5' format and more is very limited nowadays. Farther, the price of such enlargers is inadequate to meet the needs. So I started looking for information about old traditional printing techniques - known as contact prints. It is amazing how many are the possibilities of the contact printing, listing the most known: Vandyke, cyanotype, silver prints, salt papers, paladium-platinum etc. etc. Working on such prints, literally hand-made, gives a lot of pleasure. Each of these prints is unique in its own way. Made on excellent quality paper, they are extremely durable and valuable. I decided to create my most favorite contact prints.

Vandyke prints: 13x18 cm

30x40 cm

Silver gelatin prints: 30x40 cm

Silver gelatin contact print 30x40 cm

To be continued ;)

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