Neutral Density Photography Awards 2019

I'm pleased to announce that the project "Native Stranger" took the 2nd place among submitted applications of non-professional photographers in the "People / other" category of the international competition Neutral Density Photography 2019 based in London.

I'm asked why I submit my photos to the category of non-professional photographers. Well, according to the information provided on the competition website (and all others): "We consider professional photographers those who earn at least half of their income from photography. The Non-professional category is for photographers who do not make their main income from photography. " And since photography is not my main source of income but "only" my passion and a great hobby, so it's probably clear that I'm not going to break the regulations ;) Obviously, it sounds better ;) So the most of the photographers submit their photos to the professional photographer category, even if they don't earn their income with photography at all :)

Is it honest?

Funny, beacuse I submited three nude photos by mistake to the professional photographer category and they received the Honorable Mention :D

ND Awards Nude I

ND Awards Nude II

ND Awards Nude III

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