Kate Lipecky

A few months ago I was asked by a great sculptur, Kate Lipecky, to take a very natural, documental photos of her. I loved this idea at sight! First, I like to shoot the reality from time to time, not only my fantasy. Secondly, I'm an enemy of the overusing the Photoshop and every kind of beauty filters, escpecially by the portraits of women. Have you ever seen a male portrait with a totaly photoshoped face, without any inperfections or wrinkels? Everybody'd laugh to death. Why you expect a woman to stay young and beautiful her whole life? That's why the media, especially the internet, create a fake world with fake women. That's why so many teenager have problems with her weight! They want to look like the perfect women in magazines and internet. I totally disagree with it!

So the idea of Kate to show her by her work: focused, tired, dirty, natural, was like a sunshine for me :) I'm absolutely grateful, that Kate chose me to shoot those pictures.

Kate's atelier is quite tiny and tight. At the time I hadn't the possibility to use my beloved analog technique. I shot digital with a Canon 5D mark III. I mainly use the natural light. In this case too, to keep the naturality of the photos.

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