A short essay on hypocrisy

At the end of December last year, the recognized sculptor Kate Lipecky, exhibited all over the world, invited me to a joint venture.

It all started with the fact that she won a very famous and important competition, one of the most important competitions in Poland, organized by the largest newspaper of the liberal community. Allegedly. But more on that in a moment.

One of the prizes of this great, important competition was the publication of a photo session with Kate's sculptural work in the pages of this newspaper.

Last year, it was boiling in Poland. There were huge protests of women against the tightening of the abortion law. There was widespread indignation at the words of the incumbent president of Poland that "LGBT is just an ideology." Right-wing Polish politicians protested against gender and demanded exit from the Istanbul Convention.

Under the influence of these great emotions, Kate created a truly deceitful work: a corset on which male and female intimate parts of the body mix.

To quote Kate:

“The project was about the fluidity of the gender sense. The future of the world is humanism, a sense of equality, the lack of segregation of humanity due to religion, skin color, sexuality. Our humanity is becoming more and more cosmopolitan. Postgenderism blurs the boundaries between the biological characteristics classifying humanity as women and men, giving the nowaday's generation a choice. The plaster carving of a corset in the costume designdepicts the shifting of sexual organs from their archetypal places, biologically assigned to each individual, to other parts, which allows us to perceive a person and love as it is. Gender becomes fluid, it comes in second place.

By disrupting the location of sexual organs within our classical perception, we start to pay more attention to the whole person and not to their sexual organs. Gender archetypes are replaced with a gender-free blank page, without the affiliation to social groups, castes, religion and all kinds of limitations of an individual in making decisions about himself. The turtle in the corset design alludes to stability, a safe haven. Turtles also represent wisdom and love. The Indian people of ancient times envisioned the earth as a shield, supported by elephants resting on the back of a turtle, which, by turning slowly, created day and night. The legends of Native Americans said that once all the animals lived on the turtle's carapace, and then the crab deposited so much sand on it that covered its entire surface. In China, the earth rested on the back of a turtle. The vaginal turtle speaks of the wisdom of a woman, the strength of intuition, the wisdom of the heart, who puts emotional intelligence in the foreground. The sculptor symbolically communicates the strength of women, who display great acceptance, resulting from the very heart. The woman is a creator through the miracle of birthing. Throughout history, women have also eased conflicts. They were more inclined to look for solutions, to build, and not to ravage. Art is no longer building its own ego. It helps to understand social changes, giving a sense of security. Art systematizes the world and helps to understand the direction in which the world and new generations are heading. The sculpture is a costume embedded in a block. It embodies what is in the air all over the world. We are entering a stage of tremendous social change”.

We consciously decided to show this costume-sculpture in a seemingly ordinary fashion photoshoot. Nowaday's woman, especially in largely Catholic Polish society, is dressed in a corset of patterns, customs and roles assigned to a specific gender. People are still afraid to throw off this corset, to open minds and hearts to other attitudes. Transgender people are afraid of coming out, they pretend, they pose in a tight corset imposed by other roles.

Kate sent this text and our photos to this Big and Very Important Newspaper. And guess what? They were afraid to publish it… Not real nude photos. The photos of a sculpture. Woe to you, Michelangelos of this world! Forget the statue of David! Put Venus de Milo in the closet! Myrons, hide the Discobolus in the basement! Praxiteles, be ashamed of Hermes with little Dionysus! Cover this "horrible” Laocoon Group! And so on and so on ...

I am speachless. How is it with our liberalism? Is it just for show? And deep down we are still a tangled, backward and dark eastern people?

I absolutely do not regret that my photos were not published in this newspaper. I got used to such situations and I already had several of them. I had a feeling it might end this way. After all, I've been publishing artistic nudes for years, and I get different reactions and comments. I feel sorry for Kate who really worked hard on this sculpture. I feel sorry for Kate who did not receive her award.

It's gagging artists. Censoring their thoughts and artistic message.

Shame on you, GW

Designer: Kate Lipecky

Model: Ania Lisia

Make up & hair: Violetta Mietlicka

Thank Kronospan Polska Sp. z o.o. in Szczecinek for making the space available for the photo shooting.

(click on the photo for better quality)

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