Don't hate! Inspire!

It's an Interethnic Campaine of Roma Solidarity and Ukrainians in cooperation with The West Television.

"Don’t hate. Inspire! " is a comprehensive campaign to combat the discrimination and hatred in relation to the Roma and Ukrainian minorities through a series of the integration activities with the participation of The Television West, being the first inter-ethnic cooperation in the history of West Pomerania.

One of the coalition's main goals is to enable these two minorities to publicly present their positive image as a form of the combating discrimination. The joint actions will lead to creating and strengthening solidarity between the largest minorities in this area, and thanks to television promotional materials will reach a wide audience all over the country.

I'm extremely happy that I could participate in this project as a photographer. The project consisted of two parts: a billboard campaign and a photo exhibition showing the everyday and uniqueness of women belonging to national minorities.

The billboard campaign assumed a simple, minimalist campaign announcement. The billboards appeared on the streets of Szczecinek and Biały Bor.

The session photos were created with digital technology due to the very short implementation time (2 weeks). A lot of material was created, from which the organizers chose several dozen photos presented at the exhibition. This is my subjective choice ;)


Project and exhibition opening

Media relations: TV Zachód iszczecinek

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