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Zaktualizowano: 7 mar 2020

In January I was invited to Berlin by an excellent Polish designer, Charlie Mintson, to make an editorial for the German fashion and art magazine "Kaltblut".

I was in a moment of dilemma and discouragement. I felt pigeonhole and that I stood still. This proposal fell from heaven. I have always loved high fashion. Actually, I started with such photos, strongly inspired by Paolo Roversi. Unfortunately, to take such photos you need constant contact with stylists or designers with a large spectrum of imagination.

I met Charlie virtually. I really liked his designs and one time I rented two for a session in Michałowice. I wondered what he would create now. I knew, it would be more delicate and that color would play a big role. In addition, the session took place in January. That's why I decided to use only the handier and faster medium format camera, Pentax 67, this time. Of course, with my favorite Kodak Portra 400 film, which gives fantastic colors.

Despite the difficult conditions, cold and wind, it seems to me that everyone had a great time creating this session. I love the inventive makeup artist, Namie, cheerful Uchena Jonas, big-hearted boy, delicate and romantic Maja and the session originator himself, Charlie Mintson, an extremely creative, openminded and nice man.

Thank you for taking me to the performance!


The publication in "Kaltblut" Magazine: Editorial


The others pictures from this shooting

Style & costumes by Charlie Mintson Instagram: @charlie_mintson Makeup & hair by Namie Nguyen Instagram: @namie.makeup_ Models are Maja Mei & Uchena Jonnas Instagram: @uchi.verse


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